About Us

We are Lumi

Lumi is a partnership of women, passionate about helping women. At Lumi, we believe a woman is more than just their career, their family, their personal life – they are a whole woman with real desires and unique gifts. Instead of helping just one part of a woman’s life, Lumi wants to revolutionise how women see themselves in all parts of life.

Everything we do at Lumi is based around helping women to discover their purpose, be intentional and courageous, and reach their full potential. In doing this, we provide services that connect women, teach women, inspire women and encourage women to be all that they were made to be.  We do this through running events, offering training packages and life-coaching, and building an online community of women – helping women not only to build relationships, but also gain practical skills in order to pursue a rewarding career, nourish their personal development, and build a tangible vision for their life.

Our Vision for Lumi is ‘glocal’ – we want to build a community of women locally, whilst also connecting women in a network globally. So, no matter where you’re from or who you are – we welcome you to our family.

The Lumi Story

Lumi is not only a beautiful word, it’s also got a beautiful meaning. ‘Lumi’ means ‘snow’ in the Finnish language. As we know, snow is magical, captivatinynagxhqjouw-ali-inayg, enchanting – one of life’s beautiful pleasures to experience and see. But snow is also different. In fact, no single snowflake is the same. Each individual snowflake is unique and different in their own way – each on their different journey as they dance through the sky.

And what happens when snowflakes get together and gather in the thousands, millions? They gather in strength, and can cover entire buildings. Without warning, snow can take down a whole city.

For Lumi, Snow is not just beautiful, it’s powerful. Just like women.


The Lumi Directors

Catherine Greenhalgh


Catherine is a co-founder of Lumi Group and lover of all things women. She works in aid and development by day in a charity, where she currently holds to the role of Grants Portfolio Manager for Africa. She has an academic background in international affairs and diplomacy, and is currently dappling in the likes of psychology. She is currently based in London – doing her best to both breathe the european life and stay well connected with Lumi Australia. She hails from Perth, Western Australia, but holds a special place in her heart for Melbourne, where she rivalled the top locals in cups of coffees drank between 2007 and 2015. She loves to write and empower other women to tell their stories in the rawest form possible, and desires to create Lumi as a platform for women to write about their lives and explore the issues that affect them most. One of the reasons she co-started Lumi was based on a passion to see women kick arse – for women to see that they have the power and ability to do almost anything they want! When she’s not writing, studying, travelling, cooking, eating or creating lists, she is probably talking. She values her family and friends and is known to frequent church on the weekly occasion. She is married to the most lovely of gentlemen, and seeks to be inspired each and every day to do more for women and for people in need. She can be found on instagram @catherinegreenhalgh

Lisa Jenkins

kayla2-6538Lisa Jenkins is passionate about inspiring and equipping people to live their very best life. As well as a Life Coach, she is a qualified and experienced trainer and facilitator with nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate, not-for-profit and start-up world. Lisa enjoys creating a warm and safe environment to see people maximise their success and overcome their fears to achieve outstanding results and live life to the fullest. Lisa has the ability and skill to enable the necessary focus required for transformation to take place. She is insatiably curious about people and how they function and cares deeply about seeing all people (in particular women, who hold a very special place in her heart) live the life they were created for and most importantly – to LOVE it. Over the years she has mentored many women in all different stages of their life, in particular women who are struggling through a difficult season or feeling stuck and unmotivated. Lisa is able to show deep empathy and compassion and yet provide the insights and motivation to help them get moving again. Lisa has had the privilege of visiting many countries around the world. She enjoys discovering new places and has a ‘no repeat’ rule when choosing destinations. Lisa is also an Event Manager and enjoys helping individuals and organisations pull together an event or celebration to mark a special occasion. She is the mum of two incredible, teenage daughters and has been married to her childhood sweetheart for 20+ years. In her spare time Lisa loves to read, exercise, shop, talk and eat-out. She loves a good list and there is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t create one!! Lisa strives to live an authentic, vulnerable, fun, loving and healthy life.

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