Lumi is passionate about helping women to find and reach their goals. Part of this is organising events that inspire, educate and connect women across Melbourne, Australia and beyond.

Lumi events, like Lumi as a whole, are all build around you. They are not just about networking, they are about building into a community of women in all industries and lifestyles, and helping them to reach their full potential, whatever this may mean to each individual woman. Our events are casual and personable, a place where you will meet like-minded people, gain new skills, and be inspired by speakers that have stories of reaching their full potential in their given field. Lumi also runs more practical workshops in order to help women better implement their vision and purpose for life, and allow them to gain the skills needed to implement their goals and achieve their dreams.


Upcoming events

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Past Events

Just Breathe Day Retreat – Saturday 1st April 2017

Prioritising your own needs can be really challenging for a lot of women.  That is why Lumi created the Just Breathe Day Retreat, a day to nurture your body, mind and soul.

This special day was an opportunity for women to stop, get off the merry go round of life, be surrounded by beautiful views, healthy food, silence and meaningful conversations and JUST BREATHE.  And what a refreshing change it was compared to the hustle and bustle of life we can get so easily trapped in.

The weather was cool but the we all enjoyed the fire that was awaiting us at the beautiful Glentress Farmhouse.

We started the day with coffee in the quaint little town of Loch before making our way out to the farm to meet Lynda, our host and massage therapist.  Friendships were strengthened and formed as women opened up and encouraged each other with the sharing of real life stories of struggle and victory.

Lynda spoiled us with healthy, delicious meals as well as an afternoon of massages to pamper and invigorate our bodies.   The cool weather didn’t stop us from rugging up in the afternoon and meandering over the rolling hills surrounding the farm to soak in nature and silence.

We left feeling refreshed, rested and with a heightened awareness of what we need to cultivate an environment of self love and care.



In Search of Joy – Wednesday 7th December 2016

What a JOY it was to come together at this busy time of the year to stop and consider what this little words means.   We were all inspired by Helena and Kim telling their stories in a real and vulnerable way through the gift of their music and art.  Reset buttons were hit and commitments were made to choose JOY no matter what season of life you are in.  Beliefs about JOY were discovered and decisions to re-frame those beliefs were challenged.

We learnt that joy isn’t just a nice add on.  Joy heals.  Joy empowers you.  Joy making is courageous.  When going through hell, find what makes you feel joy.  Reward yourself for failing, look at yourself and say all is forgiven, you are learning, integrate your hard lessons with joy.  Reward yourself because you are here not because of what you have done.



Heart & Hustle, Thu 2nd June 2016

We had such a fabulous evening at our first annual Heart&Hustle event!

The newly opened Matcha Mylkbar was unfaultable: the food was divine, the company superb, the atmosphere electric.  Our speaker Zara d’Cotta, Founder and Editor of Oh My Goodness, took us on an emotional roller coaster journey, inspiring us not to wait for a life changing event to change our lives and pursue our passions.  Just over 40 women were warmed by not only Apple Pie Chai Lattes on a cold Winter’s night in Melbourne, but also by Zara’s courage, determination and conscious choices that she takes each day that allow her to create a life which she loves.  Has it been easy?  No.  Life isn’t guaranteed to be easy but by listening to your heart and giving yourself permission to be happy, you can ride the highs and lows and still pursue your passions.  We learnt not to rely on feeling ready because that feeling may never come -so go impact the world with your awesomeness and passion anyway!

Courageous Women – Sydney

Lumi was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to take Courageous Women to Sydney on Thursday 21st April. Doing your ‘thing’ in another state is always exciting and nerve racking. But stepping out of our comfort zone is something we continually challenge ourselves here at Lumi so we pursued and are so glad we did. The women in Sydney were so welcoming and supportive and a lot of fun.

Courageous Women is an event that we had successfully run in Melbourne last year and although we had different speakers this time which took us down a different path, the intent and desire to be vulnerable, share stories, connect, encourage and equip were once again key ingredients to another successful evening. It is not an easy thing to share about times in your life which have been challenging to a group of strangers however Niina, Lucia and Claire were very courageous (again), warm and down right honest about what this time was like for them. It is so refreshing to hear all parts of a journey and not just the glamorous, edited versions that social media constantly bombards us with. Laughs were had, heart’s desires were shared and a spirit of acceptance and celebration of who we are as women was most certainly experienced.

One thing is for sure, Lumi will most certainly be coming back to Sydney later this year. Thanks for having us Sydney!!  Stay tuned for our next event.

Vision for the Future
Saturday February 6th, 2016

“I loved attending the Vision 2016 workshop! It helped me to put my goals into perspective and the fact what I was doing it next to amazing women was a real inspiration. I would recommend this to any woman that is willing to explore herself and achieve great things in her life” – Diana

What an honour it was to hold our annual Vision for the Future Workshop on Saturday the 6th February, 2016. This workshop is such a worthwhile and valuable time for women to set aside a morning for themselves and curiously search their precious hearts for what it is that they want to achieve in 2016. We can’t think of anything more encouraging and exciting than to see women be intentional and courageous in pursuing their dreams.


Melbourne put on a beautiful Summer’s day and after enjoying a coffee out on the terrace we got straight into the workshop. The morning consisted of choosing a word/theme for the year, completing the Wheel of Life activity, setting goals and activities to ensure a balanced lifestyle could be strived for and then finally creating a mind map/vision board to be reminded and inspired in the home or office. New friends were made and a healthy brunch was devoured in the gorgeous French Saloon in the heart of the city.

This is an event that could set you apart between having a good year and an incredibly successful year.

Finish Strong
Thursday December 3rd, 2015

“It was encouraging to hear Sam’s story and passions. It was very thought provoking and challenged me to find what my passion is. Thanks Ladies.  PS. Great food.” – Debbie

On a mild Summer’s night in Melbourne, with the city skyline as our backdrop, a group of women gathered at the gorgeous Patch Cafe in Richmond for a night of nourishment for the mind and body. Samantha Gash, an endurance athlete and guest of honour, spoke about the power of the mind; about how when you engage it you are capable of achieving almost anything.

Samantha encouraged the women in attendance  to not just set a goal  with the intention to complete it, but to attach our goals  to something bigger than ourselves. Attach it to something that will impact people or a cause that you believe in. But, as Samantha said, to be able to do this, we need to know what we are passionate about and what our purpose is. What is it in life that keeps you awake at night and gets you excited? For Samantha, it is increasing awareness and funds to enable education for all children, especially those living in developing countries. 


For us at Lumi, it is about seeing women reach their full potential – we want to see women living a life of purpose and loving it. This night of inspiration was matched by a gorgeous, healthy paleo meal and Kombucha drinks prepared for us by Patch Cafe and Extra Mile Kombucha respectively. Every woman walked away inspired, nourished and with a gorgeous goodie bag full of delightful treats from our generous sponsors – Charcoal + Twine, Greenview Therapeutic Massage, Loving Earth, Tom Organic, Milk & Co, Hello Hair, Summer Salt Body, Baobab, Warrior One Yoga Studios, and Melon Photography.

Thursday September 3rd, 2015

“An unexpected Thursday night out has awakened a sense of worthiness within and has inspired me to start actively working on myself and exploring opportunities that speak to me. Your night came at the right moment in time for me. What’s next Lumi?”  – Swagger participant

The beautiful Chandelier Room at Mardo’s in Port Melbourne was dripping with confidence, style and raw honesty as the speakers  at the Swagger event shared their personal insights, stories and advice about how they attempt to live a life with swagger and what life has looked like when they haven’t been successful compared to when they have.

Throughout each presentation, one reoccurring theme kept appearing – all 4 speakers felt like they had the most swagger – the most confidence – when they were being true to themselves and not pretending to be anyone else. This tells us that you don’t need to try and be anyone else, you just need to be you!

Courageous Women
Thursday May 14th, 2015

“The entire night moved me and my friends and family who were there…how lovely it is to be in a safe space where women are vulnerable, honest, and inspirational with each other. A wonderful job in putting it all together, Lumi!” – Sabena, Courageous Women Speaker.

Lumi’s Courageous Women event was a night of inspiration, where a diverse and bold panel of women shared their stories of courage and strength. These women, from various careers, pursuits, and stages of life, offered unique insight into how women get through some of life’s most difficult challenges – and come out stronger, wiser and with even more passion to pursue their purpose.


Vision for the future
February, 2015

“Lumi’s event and tips helped me get a lot of what was in my head out onto paper. My vision board reminds me not just of what I want to do but who I want to be. It’s a great source of inspiration and encouragement when I need it.” Nicaela, 20, Melbourne.


Nicaela’s Vision Board 

A vision is a dream of the life you desire. A picture of who you want to be and what you want to have achieved. Without vision, we can lack motivation, direction, passion, and excitement for the future. Vision makes us believe that our personal and professional growth is possible, that achievements in our life can be tangible, and opportunities to reach your potential are in front of us – we just need to take them!

As Lumi is passionate about helping women realise their vision and their purpose both as individuals and part of a community, Lumi held the Vision for the Future event at the beautiful Lucky Penny in South Yarra in February, 2015. At this event, a group of wonderful, unique women of different generations, gathered together to eat gorgeous food, hear an inspirational speaker, and creatively map out their vision for their own lives for the next 1, 5 and 20 years! The room buzzed with potential and ambition – with ideas being taken from minds to paper in a collection of inspirational images and words, in the form of the personal Vision Boards. All participants also left with a Lumi guide to goal-setting, and their very own personalised Lumi magnet for their fridge! 




Sneak Peek – Lumi’s Family Launch
December, 2014

Amongst the array of healthy food, champagne and flowers, Lumi’s ‘sneak peek’ family launch was where Lumi shared her heart, vision and plans with our closest family and friends. The founders, Catherine, Lisa and Niina, spoke at this intimate affair, of their dreams of seeing women in Melbourne, Australia and beyond, inspired and changed. The women there munched on beautiful, healthy food, admist the scenic city views of East Melbourne. What a way to reveal Lumi to the world!

This event showed that Lumi is a company of and for women – and in the most real sense. Lumi is the blueprint of a company based on what women want and need to be inspired, and to reach their full potential. Creating a strong network of women of different careers, generations, interests, and tastes is what Lumi is all about – unique women being unique, but together.

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