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Lumi’s Travel Bucket List

It’s coming up to Summer in Australia – where we bask in the rays, soak up the beach, and relax all of the troubles of our year away. And on the other side of the world, others are enjoying their holidays skiing on snow-topped mountains, drinking whisky next to the fire, and enjoying the warmth of roast dinners and loved ones.   

We all love holidays (who doesn’t?) – whether they are elaborate international ventures or a trip down to the family beach-house. They give us something to look forward to, help us unwind, and allow us to experience different parts of what the world has to offer.

But what would you do if you could do anything? What is your travel bucket list? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? Here’s what Lumi would do – here’s our top 10 ultimate holiday destinations…

  1. New York – how could you go through a lifetime without going to the city that never sleeps? The centre of the world in many ways, and who could forget the city where some of our favourite TV shows are based in! (Friends, anyone?)
  2. Bora Bora – stay in your very own luxurious villa positioned directly over the crystal blue water, read until you fall alseep on your hammock in the sun and let all your cares just float away.
  3. A tour of Scandinavia – Experiencing the beauty of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Marvel at the Northern lights in the North of the globe or experience a world where the sun doesn’t set.
  4. Morocco – what we would give to taste the authentic food, the mint tea, the markets and mix of cultures. And the beautiful mosaics! There’s something enchanting ancient about Morocco that we want to see.
  5. Wine tasting in Bordeaux and Baking classes in south of France – just because we want to know what it would be like to be french for a day! (And of course, have bread, cheese and wine all day long).
  6. Freycinet National Park, Tasmania – a rugged coastline and incredible mountains surround this spectacular bay on the East Coast of Tasmania. Challenge yourself with a bush walk or just soak in the stunning views whilst tantalising your tastebuds with the vast array of gourmet food available in this precious part of the world.
  7. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb – experience the thrill of climbing the iconic bridge as the sun is setting and the city and Opera House light up the sky.
  8. Myanmar – to experience a country with rich history and that has only recently opened up to Western influences. We hear the time to visit is sooner rather than later – go before it gets all touristy like Thailand and Vietnam!
  9. Hong Kong – an Asian megacity and a financial hub with shopping, amazing food and plenty of culture. Do we need to say more?
  10. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia – the second biggest barrier reef in the world, just after Great Barrier Reef, but less touristy and more pristine. A stunning part of the world that should be on the bucket list of all Australians.

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