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How I stepped out by investing in myself

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
– Nelson Mandela

I first heard a similar quote back in 2004, the same year that I had a vision of what Lumi might be and the same year that I dipped my toes into studying some counselling subjects. It deeply influenced me over the years as I dreamt about it for myself, for my daughters, friends, family members and for all women. It got me wondering what life would be like if we stopped playing small, if we let our light shine and gave others permission to do the same.

But as life goes and I am sure you all have similar stories, you get busy. You get busy with life – as good or as mundane as that is – where other things (often good things) take precedence over shining and long-term dreams. You just get by. And getting by isn’t so bad, there’s lots of good in getting by. And in doing this, we convince ourselves that this is enough.

But this quote kept coming back to me. What if this game of playing small and unpowerful is holding me, you and those around you back? Did you know that extraordinary doesn’t happen in that space? It just can’t. It is too safe, predictable and controlled. But by stepping into the unknown and embracing uncertainty and ambiguity, you enter a space where extraordinary can start to happen. And here is the gold – you behaving like this allows those around you to do the same!!!  Wonderful right?! It’s a win win. As you grow and experience your own ‘extraordinary,’ you foster this extraordinary growth in the people around you, inspiring them to take similar steps of courage.

Lumi’s #steppedout challenge – finding 6 things to do in 6 months to step out of my comfort zone is continually pushing me to set new boundaries in my life, it enables me to live more and embrace more of what life has to offer. It is not about being consumed or attached to the outcome but about learning and growing despite the outcome. This journey is so much more enjoyable and exciting than being caught up and pressured into trying to control the outcome.  

Returning to study to become a Personal Life Coach is linking one of my greatest passions with a need that I see in my role with Lumi that many women have; a desire to be listened to, championed, celebrated, and to experience a non-judgmental, safe space to explore and be creative – allowing you to be free to focus on what is on your heart. It makes me come alive to see other women experience this special relationship. I hope that I can continue to step outside of my comfort zone to explore uncertainty (despite how scary it seems at times – feel the fear and do it anyway!) so that those around me have permission to do the same.

If you would like to explore what coaching looks like and what it could mean to you, please contact me on 0421 788 363 or – I’d love to hear from you.


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