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Inspirational Woman #2: Chloe, The Recruiter.

So few women see themselves as inspirational. At Lumi, we want to show the world that all women are inspirational and have an inspiring story – even and especially those women that we don’t see on the cover of magazines or the TV.

Chloe is truly an inspirational woman. Achieving so much for one so young, she truly represents the inspiring women of both the now and the future!

Tell us about how you got to where you are today. Do you see yourself as an inspirational woman? Why/Why not?

I don’t really consider myself as an inspirational person as I would say that I am still finding my feet and happy learning from others during the process!

I kind of fell into what I am now doing, I finished high school and had no idea what I wanted to do so I enrolled in a business degree studying accounting and business law, even though I can’t stand maths and do not have a logical brain when it comes to numbers. I ended up having a year off and getting a full time job in which I started working in admin so I could save money to travel. It was in that job that I moved into human resources and found that I loved dealing with people every day so decided to change my majors to human resources and industrial relations, needless to say I haven’t looked back!

What in your life can’t you live without (you can say coffee/chocolate! ;)?

My family, my friends and our French bulldog, Luxe.

What is the biggest struggle you’ve faced that has shaped who you are today? Why was this the biggest struggle? 

My parents separated when I was in my last year of high school, I was a few months off from sitting my final exams. At the time I couldn’t quite comprehend how much it would end up affecting me in the long run as my way of dealing with issues was to simply block it out and move forward. As time went on, I became very angry and looking back at that time I would not have considered myself to be a nice person, I made some bad decisions that affected people that I was very close to. It is hard to believe that it happened six years ago now and I still think about the “what ifs” and the “whys” every day. I wouldn’t speak to my dad and avoided the topic, as I couldn’t stand to see my mum hurt. Since realising how much it was impacting my day to day life, I decided to start to deal with it head on and address things that were built up inside me. It is amazing how good you can feel after saying something out loud and how simple changes can mean the world to others who care for you. Both my mother and father have played such important roles in my life and in my attempt to protect one half by blocking out the other, I was actually doing more harm than good for everyone involved. I think that this has shaped me into who I am today in terms of what I value most, my family, my relationship and my friends are everything. Without their constant support and love, a lot of things I am doing today would not have been possible.

What have you learned from these experiences?

To deal with things that bother me instead of bottling them up. I am known for keeping my emotions to myself and I can be quite stubborn at times (!), so realising this has made such a positive change in terms of my approach to all areas of my life. I have also learnt to forgive a lot easier than I used to and to move on with life instead of examining the past.

Do you struggle with work/life balance? How do you try and master this? 

This is probably one of my biggest struggles at the moment. Before recently dropping my hours at work, I was working a 50 hour week, trying to finish studying whilst also trying to maintain my social life and a relationship. I was afraid that by stopping or cutting back on one I would be failing or it would look like I couldn’t cope. There have been many times were it all got too much and I would begin to doubt myself and compare myself to others my age and would end up having a breakdown which would leave me feeling like I need to revaluate my priorities.

But, surrounding myself with people who love and support me gives me balance and reassurance. By learning to say no to things that I know I can’t commit to, I have actually improved my relationships, as I am no longer bailing at the last minute. Also, as I’m not spending as much time on social media, I doubt myself less. It is scary how much you end up comparing yourself to others when you spend too much time on things such as instagram and facebook!

Who in your life do you find most inspiring and why?

Definitely my mother, she is the most selfless and supportive person I know. Also my now fiancé (sounds funny typing that) – he is 10 times busier than me in his everyday life and keeps looking to take on more at every chance. His ambitions and drive is infectious which motivates and inspires me to achieve things that I didn’t think I would at my age. His outlook on life has also made me a softer person, as he always looks for the good in others above everything else.

What message or advice would you want to give people that may read this? 

Worrying about what other people think of you will only ever hold you back. Once you stop caring about the opinions of others you become more confident in yourself, what is important to you and what you want to achieve in life. Say yes to every opportunity, even if it scares you – and be excited about life…mine is only just beginning!

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