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Combating fear and building confidence: What I learnt by surfing the tropical canopies

Fears come in all shapes and sizes. Some are concrete and others are metaphysical. My fear was the garden variety one of: ‘I’m afraid of heights’. Recently I took a vacation and the geography was particularly amenable to me seizing a chance to overcome my fear. I was headed to far North Queensland with my family and ziplining in the Daintree Rainforest sounded like something that belonged on a Bucket List. I had enlisted for a number of adventure activities on this trip, but the ziplining was going to prove the greatest challenge, mentally.

In the past six months, I’ve drastically been stepping out of my comfort zone. This has been a conscious life change, and seeing as one of my new life mantras has emerged to be ‘why not?’, I signed up to zipline with my dad. He’s always had high adrenaline hobbies in life – and since this was yet another opportunity for me to step out – I thought I’d give it a go! Technically, the activity was called ‘jungle surfing’; it involved descending a mountain via wire cables suspended from trees which were up to 800 years old. I was in a harness, 23 meters in the skyline. I had to walk off a platform consisting of stairs that just stopped mid air. Where the stairs stopped, it was time for courage.



It was as if I was walking the plank on a ship. Stepping off the ‘plank’, I had to let go of my fear and trust the harness, cable and myself. There were seven runs down the mountain, and my fear reduced as I descended the mountain in proportionate measure to my confidence increasing. This link between fear and confidence has become apparent in a number of my accomplishments so far. And so I’ve learnt – you have to let go of fear in order to build confidence. If you’re in the business of building your confidence, you need to nip fears in the bud. Have short or long term plans to overcome the big fears in life. Sometimes defeating your concrete fears gives you the confidence to work on your metaphysical fears. So, get conquering! Fear less and trust more. Take up opportunities which present themselves, or seek them out. What a way to work on your confidence and sense of accomplishment – that is, getting #steppedout.

Emily xx

Emily, our Lumi blog writer, has a law degree and is currently pursuing further study and a career in psychology. She intends to keep stepping out of her comfort zone and challenge herself in various domains for the remainder of the year with the Lumi girls.

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