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So why should I step outside of my comfort zone?

You may have heard about this business of stepping outside of your comfort zone. To jump off a metaphorical cliff, take a major risk, challenge yourself in unknown ways. Sounds pretty great and powerful – but why should you do it?

Well, it’s not just to post a selfie on instagram telling people what you did. It’s about personal growth and investing in your personal development. And like almost everything, this takes commitment – a commitment to yourself.

So let’s be honest – progressing and growth can be uncomfortable. Developing your internal resilience, pushing your personal boundaries means challenging your assumptions, often removing judgement (including and especially of yourself), increasing your self-belief, and potentially leading you to a bigger and better life. You want to reach your full potential? This takes effort, commitment, time. Breaking down personal boundaries is NOT easy. But it is necessary in order for you to kick arse even more in what you are doing, get you to where you want to be, to ignite personal success and propel you further towards your dreams! Sound good?

“Sure, sure – I’m sold. I want to reach my full potential. But I’m a bit hazy on this whole comfort zone thing. How do I know exactly what my comfort zone is?” Glad you asked 😉

So, here’s the deal:

  1.    Comfort zones are subjective. Climbing the Sydney harbour bridge might be a fun Saturday arvo for one woman, whereas for others it would be their idea of hell (You fear of height-ers may agree J). Travelling to a foreign country where you don’t know the language or culture would be stepping outside of your comfort zone to many – but a relaxing holiday for others. Comfort zones are personal, internal, and based on what we value – but also fear – the most.
  1.    Comfort zones are not just external. It’s easy to think of comfort zones as superficial things related to ‘challenges’ – bungee-jumping, running a marathon, not drinking alcohol, going paleo for a month, not buying new clothes, getting up early to be more productive – don’t get us wrong, these are all good things (good challenges) – but we reckon that comfort zones go deeper. It’s the why that’s the most important. You’ve got to go there:

Why would it be uncomfortable for you to run a marathon? Because it takes commitment, discipline, and effort. And why is that a problem for you? Because I fear that I might fail. And why does it matter if you fail? Because then I will look like a fraud to everyone and they would be disappointed in me.

comfort zone

Have similar thoughts? Comfort zones come from somewhere. From within. So when challenging your own comfort zone – you always need to ask why a particular space or place is your comfort zone or not. We are all for doing different things that you have never done before – travel to different places, trying a new job, going on a date with someone different (providing you’re single!). But more importantly, we at Lumi are all about you giving your internals a good squeak and polish. And this means challenging your internal comfort zone.

“Okay, okay, I’m in, ya crazies! How can I step out of my ‘internal’ comfort zone?”

So, look at it like this:

Think about the personal things you struggle with. Is it confidence? Judgement? Humility? Fear of failure? Self-belief? Change? Commitment? Intimacy? Trust? Fear of the unknown?

Now – why do you struggle with that? Why do you think that is? Why? If helpful, write this down. Be honest – it’s yourself you’re talking to.

We ask these questions in order to establish where your comfort zone lies, and thus what you need to do to ‘step out of it’. If you struggle with confidence – then perhaps lining up a public speaking gig would be stepping out? If you struggle with commitment, commit to a class or something for a period of time and do it. If you have problems with intimacy, then reach out to someone special (family friends, a relationship) in order to go deeper with them.

“That’s all well and good”, you might be thinking, “but what about practicing what you preach – Lumi?”

Again, glad you asked 😉 We are on this journey with you, and will be stepping outside of OUR comfort zone (eeeek!) in order to show you:

  1. That it’s possible, and
  2. That it’s necessary in order for us to grow, and thrive.

Because the less internal barriers we have, the less things can get in our way, right? So – WATCH THIS SPACE, because Lumi is about to get #steppedup!! See you on the outside, ladies 😉

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