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Living out your purpose in a culture of ‘greener grass’ procrastination

Many us in modern-day society love change. It is a fact that we are told to be so constantly dissatisfied with our status quo that boredom and monotony can be like a death sentence – and many of us are always looking for that greener grass, where we might just feel like we have more ‘purpose’ in life.

But, even though it’s within our societal nature to get-up and change seats when we want a more fulfilling life, sometimes we need to actually stay in the same seat, but maybe change our position, or add something to what we are looking at. In other words, we need to change our perspective on how we see things before we make drastic changes to how we live.

But does this mean getting up out of the seat that you have been placed in right now? Or does this mean changing the perspective of the seat you’re in, whilst also looking towards how you can better fulfill your purpose in the future? See – having a ‘Purpose’ is not limited to one thing or one part of life. It’s a concept, a movitation, a reason by which we should live life – and not just one compartmentalised part of life. For example,  the great barista that helps people get their perfect coffee in the morning might moonlight as a beautiful musician, love art, and dream of being an entrepreneur one day. The lawyer that works to defend individuals against corporations might do pro-bono work in child protection, be a mother of 3, and love baking in her free time. The accountant that reconciles people’s taxes might also be an avid runner, be developing property on the side, and dream of marrying her boyfriend, having children and studying psychology. So, in these 3 case studies – what is their purpose behind all of these things? Is it just one purpose? Do these things reconcile into one purpose?

Okay, before this gets too more conceptual and all of the maths/science brains stop reading, let’s talk about you. What your goals? Write them down. Yes, write them down and look at them.

Goals Photo_Insta
A goal-setting journal, accompanied by a very strong Melbourne coffee!

So, let’s pretend these are your goals for the next 5 years (it’s likely some of them might be the same!!)

Goal One: Be a successful Career Woman
Goal Two: Have a Good Relationship/Marriage
Goal Three: Continual Spiritual Development
Goal Four: Be a Mother
Goal Five: Make Good Financial Decisions
Goal Six: Have a healthy body and lifestyle
Goal Seven: Be a great friend
Goal Eight: Be a wonderful family member

So, if you had these goals – You are the Barista, the lawyer, or the accountant? Or are you just you?

Yes. You’re just you. Because we are all unique and we are all built for a strong purpose – but not just in one area of our life, but in all areas of our life. In all of the 8 goals above, many – if not all – can lead you to fulfilling your purpose, it just depends on how these manifest in your different lives and circumstances. For example, say fulfilling your larger purpose in life would be to help people in most impacting way possible, and these goals above are yours – how can you do this with these goals? How can you help someone by having good finances?: By having a certain amount in the bank, you can bless others when they need it. And a health body?: You can have the health and energy to be with others and do acts of service for people, children, partners, anyone! Developing yourself spiritually?: You can make sure that everything you do is motivated by the right heart, and with the right overall purpose in mind.

So back to the change thing (were you worried this wasn’t going to get there? 😉 ) Many of the goals listed above can actually be started right now, by changing your perspective and viewing your life differently. Not when you change your job, or when you acquire a certain amount of money, or when you are certain number of kilos; but now. See, once we start to think about our purpose in all of this, we can start to understand that life it’s not about our four walls of our office or home or even body, it’s about the four walls of our heart – and further, the lack of walls outside of the box. See, that’s the beauty of it – we have the freedom to discover and fulfill our purpose now, and take the reigns to achieving your goals that demonstrate this purpose. So start by starting.

So how do you find your purpose and do all of these things that sound wonderful but are not that easy in practice??? What about advice for all those procrastinators out there?? It’s simple. Start by following these easy steps:

First Step: Reflect and meditate on what is truly important to you. Why is it important? What simple things can you do to bring these things or people more to the forefront of your life? Talk to people you trust about your ideas.

Second Step: Set-Goals. They help to reveal your heart and who you truly want to be, as well as act as tangible self-accountability tools to keep you focused on your future.

Third Step: Be Courageous. If your reflection and goals have shown that your purpose in life looks completely different to how you’re currently living, then consider stepping out. Start this in small ways – maybe through volunteering, a conference, short-course or seminar, or even reading a book. The closer you become to living out your purpose, the more at peace you will be in the day-to-day.

So good luck, ladies! We hope that each of you can find the personal perspective you need to start living out your purpose in your daily lives! And for those that need a little extra help, write to us and Lumi. We got you 😉

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