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Living life as a strong woman

Have you ever resented the fact that you’re a strong woman? Or have you tried to will strength onto yourself but never been able to muster it? Being a strong woman in this world is not easy – but completely necessary! Because where would the world be without strong women to inspire us, to make change?

But a ‘strong’ woman doesn’t need to necessarily be a CEO or a president trying to survive in a ‘mans world’. It could be our Mum, our sister, or women in our lives that have risen up above life’s hardships. Or it could be that seemingly ‘shy’ woman sitting next to you at work who is quietly determined to reach her goals, even when hearing ‘no’.

Strong women aren’t afraid of criticism, they don’t give in to fear – and they ask others for help. They crave challenges, and are comfortable in their uniqueness and even their imperfections. They have strength of character.

However women channel their strength, strong women are people that the world desperately needs – not women who ‘act like men’ – but women who are women, and who are courageous.

In my own life, I have struggled continually with being a ‘strong’ woman. It means that at work, I’ve been seen as being aggressive, pushy, having too much attitude, or even not respecting those in authority – even when not intending to do any of these things. It’s the nature of who I am – and the fact that I’m driven to get things done – that can come off bossy and controlling. In my family, I am the ‘know-all’ that everyone at some point in time would really like to tell me to shut-up. But that doesn’t stop me!!

So do I change who I am? No. I couldn’t even if I tried! In my work and my relationships, it is a constant balance between being strong yet humble, being honest yet respectful, and being productive yet gracious. And it’s incredibly hard, but so very important. After all, no one wants to work with – or be in a relationship with – someone they don’t like. But when did being liked mean being not strong as a woman? A lot of society will tell us that as women, the importance of being liked in general should be more important than being strong, successful or intelligent. But why are these qualities mutually exclusive? Why can’t we be both?

So, I urge you, ladies. Don’t sacrifice your strength to be ‘liked’. Live your life strong, and the right people will walk alongside you, support you and be with you all way.


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