Celebrate your mind

Unfortunately too many women assume that their mind is not worth celebrating – that they are not particularly intelligent, or insightful, or academic. Worse – we women are often fed very dangerous societal messages, saying that either we are not as brainy as men OR that if we are too intelligent or ‘smart’ – we will not be liked, remain single, or even not progress in the workplace. All those girls that were ever called a ‘know-all’ will know what we mean!

But our mind is one of our most powerful weapons. Did Marie Curie, Hilary Clinton, Sheryl Sanberg, or Eleanor Roosevelt win us over with their looks? NO – they won the world over with their brilliant, unique, minds!

The power of our mind is that it’s beauty, complexity and diversity is all within us. So we need to let it flourish in order to live up to it’s capacity! So here are some tips to continually expand – and love – your mind:

1. Grow your mind: Our mind is built for not only holding knowledge, but for continuous growth. So enhance your skillset in an area of passion or interest.

2. Thrill your mind: Learn a language, read a book or biography, learn about leadership or history or women’s rights (anything!), watch documentaries – fill your mind with new information and interest!


3. Challenge your mind: We consume insane amounts of information daily from dozens of different sources, but more than half of it is unnecessary – or even damaging. Challenge your mind by turning off the computer or TV and talking with interesting people, playing board games, or for parents – even thinking of new play-ideas for the kids!

4. Invest in your mind: Although there is a huge array of free information out there, sometimes we need to invest. This can mean attending a short-course, conference, or event, which can kick-start your interest and hopefully create a sustainable appetite for being MIND-FULL!

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