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Learning to love yourself. ALL. OF. YOURSELF.

So what is the hardest thing for women in our modern day life? Sure, everyone’s different. Different struggles, unique journeys, and diverse situations. But if you asked any woman on the face the earth the question:

Do you love yourself?

You would get a myriad of stories about how they struggled with this at one time of their life or another. In fact, Lumi interviewed some of you recently and found that some of the most common things that you – and certainly, millions of other women – struggle with are: Self-doubt, self-worth, confidence and self-belief. These things can erode our ability to love ourselves – BIG TIME. In fact, these things can stop us from being all that we were made to be.

And at Lumi, we want to help women reach their FULL potential. And this means tearing down the FALSE TRUTHS that society builds in us – because you know what – you ARE good enough and you ARE worthy. You may just not know it yet.

So what does loving all of yourself entail? It’s not just loving your body, it’s loving your soul and your heart, too. Loving your insides.

We all have a soul deep within ourselves that has desires, passions, emotions, and inherent needs. But we need to nourish our soul, so that it doesn’t starve or feel weary. This means feeding it with wonderful, healthy, motivating food!  This mean feeding our souls with those nutritious, healthy influences. So this means:

1. Being kind to yourself: Ban negative self-talk and don’t think you can’t do something when you can!
2. Capturing your thoughts: Are these positive thoughts? Why do we think these things? What is behind our thoughts? Make sure that your thoughts are productive and helpful, not damaging. Watching your thoughts helps you to prevent your words, assumptions and actions from becoming something that you don’t want them to be.
3. Guarding what you bring in: There is so much rubbish out there that we consume – movies, TV shows, music, even harsh words – that we can leave sitting deep within us. But we can use culture to our advantage – have positive influences in our lives in all these things, whilst also protecting our souls from getting trashed.
4. Allowing your soul to shape your words and actions: We often don’t act nicely if we are hungry or starved of coffee! Fed yourself so you can also feed others, as well as give nutrients to your own dreams.

But you’re not done yet! You also need to look at your heart. What does yours look like?

We can get so preoccupied with how we look, what job we are doing, what we buy, what we forget to think about the state of our heart. A healthy heart is not only important to our health, it’s important to our emotional wellbeing.

So what does a healthy heart look like? It is different for everyone, but qualities such as patience, grace, joy, peace, gentleness, self-control, resilience, courage, a sense of justice…all of these can shine through. When you make an effort to look after your heart, you are more likely to be ruled by your virtues – not your vices.

Just as we need to ‘work out’ our body for our health, we also need to strengthen our heart by analysing why we feel and act the way we do. Do we want to act that way? What kind of person do we want to be? What kind of values do we want to live by? – and are we living by them right now?

Loving your heart does not begin when you have ticked 100 boxes leading to ‘perfection’ – it’s about having the courage to admit that even though your heart requires constant repair, you love yourself enough to pursue that challenge. You don’t challenge your heart because you hate it, or because of guilt, anger or unforgiveness – you challenge it because you love yourself and want to develop your character in order to better love yourself and others.

At Lumi, we want to encourage women everywhere to love themselves, by intentionally pursuing a healthy heart and a nourished soul. Have the courage to make yourself all that you it want to be – and be proud of the person that helps to make you shine!

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