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Perfectionism. Guilty or not guilty?

At one point or another, we all seek perfectionism in ourselves, our partners, our jobs, our dreams, even our food! And this perfectionism – which is encouraged by a lot of modern society today – can erode our happiness, joy and pleasure with life: it can make us and everything around us feel inadequate.

Almost ironically, a lot of us seek perfection in our dreams and our goals. And although having a vision and setting goals are so important, but  often we set goals or New Years Resolutions (and the Lumi ladies are certainly guilty of this!) that may be so difficult to attain, we can’t possibly reach them!


What is sometimes hard to admit is that realistic goals are good. They may not have the smoke, mirrors and frills of our dreams – but they are possible points that we can get to – to reach our dreams. In fact, if we strive to met our realistic goals, this may even get us closer to our ‘perfect’ dream.

Lumi says – don’t strive for perfectionism. Strive for excellence. Strive for good. Strive for you!

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