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Finding your balance when you’re working from home

Not all of us have a 9 to 5 job. Finding your work-life balance can be very tricky when your work is at home. And so Lumi wants to help all of you – women running a startup working from home, studying, and/or working as stay home mums – to find your balance in your lifestyle. So here’s Lumi’s top tips for you:

1. Establish when you’re most productive and work your schedule around this. If you’re productive in the mornings, block out your mornings for working – or if you’re a nightowl, allow yourself to work in the evening. And then – schedule ‘balancing’ activities (such as exercise, me-time) for other times.

2. Have one day of the week when you’re not ‘allowed’ to work (this means no housework for you Mums!) – one rest day. It might be Saturday or Sunday, or even a day in the middle of the week. This is the day when you don’t check your emails, don’t open your text books and get the time to balance.


3. Establish a ‘cue’ for when you start work, such as moving to your desk, or having a shower and getting dressed – whatever it is, it is good to have a clear indicator of when ‘worktime’ begins. The same way worktime ‘ends’ when you move to the sofa or get changed to your PJ’s in the evening.

4. At the end of the day, prepare for your next day – create to-do list. And then close your computer, tuck the kids in, or close your books – and relax!

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