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Goal Setting. Dorky, Necessary or Essential?

So, are you a goal-setter or do you think it’s a bit – or a lot – dorky?

Well, it really depends on what kind of goals we are talking. At 14, when I was told to write down a list of 5 key things that I wanted in a future ‘Husband’ – this was Dorky (and many other things for that matter!!) – but when I wrote down that I wanted to seek justice in my life, that I wanted to achieve a Masters degree, that I wanted lead a team, that I wanted to prioritise my friends and family as the most important relationships in my life, that I wanted impact and inspire young women – these are real goals. Sure, they also parts of my vision for my life,and because of this, they remain an important part of everything I do. Yes – everything. If I even spend a week, or month, of my life not focused on those goals that help me to know where I want to be, then I can be really thrown off. For what is our life without goals? When would we feel a personal sense of achievement and satisfaction with our results if we didn’t set goals to measure our life’s work?

Goals can seem daunting, particularly because we often set goals that we cannot possibly achieve, or goals that cannot be measured. The funny thing is that when we set realistic goals, we can have faith in ourselves that we will achieve them. What we do in our lives will be influenced by getting to this goal – and so we can naturally create a PLAN to achieve them. How will we get there? What other smaller goals do we need to set to reach the larger goals? What time frame are we looking at? Setting your vision and the goals to follow along with it sets your on the path to be the desired ‘you’ that you want to be. And the beautiful thing about it, is that your vision and your goals are yours, and no one else’s. So it’s your responsibility to set them, make them happen, and celebrate when you achieve them!

So, make a plan for your goals and voilà! – You have the steps right in front of you to achieve your goal. And when you do – Champagne, baby! Give yourself a pat on the back and reflect on everything you have done to get to that moment – and then, continue on the journey.

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